The permier relationship advisor bridging you with your customers

Helping to create lasting relationship with your customers

We excel in innovative ideas & gift solutions to impress & amaze your customers

About Company Philosophy

Who are we?

Awesome 88 Gifts is a premium gifts company in Cambodia that designs gift ideas for brands and companies.

Our Vision

We will be the premier relationship advisor on creating impactful  and lasting relationship between companies and their customers.

Our Mission

Awesome 88 Gifts will excel in finding innovative solutions to our clients wishes to impress and amaze their customers.

We will search the world for the most creative products that fulfill our clients’ gift giving occasions and fulfill their marketing objectives.

Our people are well trained to understand intimately our clients’ needs and will always be ready to provide the perfect solution every time.

Our Company’s Positioning

Awesome 88 Gifts is different from other premium gifts suppliers We see ourselves as consultant and partner to our clients.

We do not believe in one time off business deal but rather we want to become an integral part of our clients’ marketing arms as an important provider of creative gifts solutions for their on-going business.

Our Company Promise

Awesome 88 Gifts delivers great ideas and gift solutions and ensures that every items coming from our company is guaranteed to be of highest quality and reliability.